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We will also be building ground blinds accessible from one side from natural materials this fall.  In particular we will be focused on building these on the Grayson County Property as there is a lot of natural material to work with and in some locations good trees to take advantage of for a stand.  Down in Knox County on some reclaim land in some cases this is our only option.

Climbing and Ladder Stands

Unfortunately, our insurance coverage does not allow us to provide you a climbing or ladder stand.

However, you can provide or bring your own if you prefer to hunt out of one. 

We only ask one thing - always set up and wear a good harness/fall protection.

Muddy Outdoors provides great safety gear as part of their stands or can be purchased separately.

These blinds are phenomenal.  They have black out/camouflage windows that utilize hooks.  There are sliding screens and you can set up your 360 any way you like.

Plenty of room for a pair of hunters, gear, and cameras.  It weighs in at 19 lbs, with a carry bag that will also tote your rifle or bow and folded chair.  This is what we provide.