Bear Essentials Outdoor Adventures Outfitters

Brown County, IN


Pricing depends on you.  The following determines the final cost.

1) What are you looking for?

2) How big is your family/group?

3) Do you want lodging with showers?

4) Or is an outfitters tent just fine?

5) Or do you want a place to park a camper or RV but not where the neighbors are just 30 foot away?

6) Are you wanting to hunt, camp, gather, or all three?

7) How long do you want to stay?  A weekend? Or a week?

8) Do you want an unguided, semi-guided, or fully guided hunt?

Or do you just want a private spot and access to camp, hunt, hike, ride and d?

White tailed Deer Hunting -Firearms Opening Weekend/Late Muzzle Loader Opening Weekend Kentucky or Indiana,  includes Fall Turkey(archery)


Pricing runs from as little as $500 for 2,4, 6x1 outfitted camp - Arrive on Friday at ~ noon, depart on Monday ~ Noon in Knox County, KY....

Or you can pay $400.00/day for 2x1 semi-guided hunt with comfortable lodging in Nashville, IN (same as above dates).  Nashville, IN has many great shops, places to eat, and things for the family to do.  If you want to make your own accommodations or camp at Brown County State Park, the price is $300.00 for the weekend for 2x1.  For $500.00 we can set up a camp for four days for you. Arrive on Friday at ~ noon, depart on Monday ~ Noon in Brown County, IN

Grayson County, KY is $400.00 for a 4x1 (MAX) semi-guided hunt (same as above dates) whereby you bring and park your own camper or RV and have the use of ATVs.  You can also set up your own lodging within 15 minutes.  We'll be glad to link up and guide on in to the entrance and parking.  Arrive on Friday at ~Noon, depart on Monday ~ Noon in Grayson County, KY - 175 acres.


Individuals or Parent and Youth can join our KYSA hunt team in Knox County, KY.  This is a combination hunt (deer/turkey/bear) hunt with members from the KYSA team (whom we sponsor).  ONLY RESIDENTS CAN HUNT THE BEAR!  Since there is only a 2-4% chance of bagging this black bear (yes, there is one), and to encourage youth hunting, we are only charging a $100 for the same weekend package.  This is for one adult with one youth (16 or under) or just one adult.   Sign up quickly as the slots are limited.  Arrive on Friday~Noon, depart on Monday ~Noon.

We are not responsible for food for this hunts or your licenses or tags.  We do make sure you have water, heat, tents, sanitation, access, and guidance.  We can also provide hunting blinds.  You are free to bring your own climbing/ladder stands and set up.  We only ask you wear safety harnesses and sign off on a landowner liability release form for the Grayson County, IN and the Brown County, IN properties.